Our Roots

Hi! We are so glad you are here! Thank you for supporting some downhome gals with a dream!

NavyOaks is an outlet allowing us to do more, give more, and be more.  Our goal is to provide real life clothing for women who live in the real world!

We both felt like it was really hard and time consuming to find clothing that's good quality at a good price point that's made for our demanding schedules.  In a matter of one day we could be wiping our babies booties, making dinner, going on a date with our husbands, cleaning the house, doing laundry or yard work, going to work, doctors appointments, ladies lunches, and the list goes on and on...well, you know what we are talking about! We felt like we could come up with an online boutique that answers the call to find easy to wear, cute, affordable clothing options for the real-life women we are and know.

A little bit more about us:

"Meet my best friend, Danielle.  She is super organized, carefree, fun, full of compassion for others and honors the Lord.  Danielle is the kind of chick that does everything for everyone else first; always asking how she can help, willing to lend a hand, or a listening ear.  She's the kind of gal that you can show your crazy to and then laugh about it later.  Danielle is married to Alex (he rocks) and they have four beautiful baby girls.  She also has an in-home daycare and watches my littles! Every parent knows how priceless it is to find someone to love your babies and feed their minds, heart and souls; she does that for us on the daily. Danielle  makes life look easy and pushes me to do better everyday!" ~ Stef

"Meet my better half, Stef. There are a million things that come to mind that you should know about her. None of which I could type without bring tears to my eyes.. She is my unconditional love, have my back, finish my thoughts, pull my crap together, rock of a soul sister. There is no one more loyal and goal driven than her. Stef gives her whole heart to those she loves and it shows in all she does. She has had a thousand job titles (rocking them all) but none fitting her better then Mama. She makes mom'in look empowering and shows the rest of us that it is possible to follow your heart, no matter where that may lead you!" ~ Danielle

We met while working in college and, even after long distance moves, marriages, pregnancies, losses, changes, and tons of other life hurdles, we have remained in each others corners. We were in each others weddings and are now next door neighbors.  We were pregnant together with our youngest daughters (Navy and Oaklyn; NavyOaks; get it?!) and are now launching this clothing boutique.  We are excited to get to know our community and the women who make it shine! 

We hope you love everything we have to offer! Please let us know about you and what you'd love to see more of! Happy Shopping! God Bless you all!