Becoming 'NavyOaks'

As you may have gathered by now, we are two women who have each others backs! We have walked through 10 years of life together.  One of those walks was our last pregnancies; Danielle's fourth baby and Stef's second.  
These two baby girls came as complete surprises and only by God's grace.  We were able, for the first time, to be pregnant together.  To talk with each other about the same feelings, discomforts, emotions, excitements, older sibling challenges, health concerns, doctors appointments, husband shortfalls and abundances (exemplified in pregnancy!), and everything else that we forget about until we are pregnant again! It was a challenging and magnificent time in our lives that we got to experience together which only helped bind our friendship tighter and closer. 
When we decided on a boutique as the venture to dive into together, we knew it needed to be unique to us; to somehow give some insight into who we are and what makes our friendship special; these two baby girls are more than enough to exemplify that! 
Meet Navy and Oaklyn! Born three weeks apart and both sweet little spitfires!